SpeedFan and SNMP with SFSNMP

With SpeedFan you can monitor Temperatures, Fans, Voltages and so on…
The best thing is that you can also get these values through SNMP with an extra plugin or program called SFSNMP. The bad thing is that the website of SFSNMP is not working anymore http://code.bastart.eu.org/sfsnmp

Luckily I still have the latest version of SFSNMP (version 0.1.12) and I would like to share it here because it is not on the internet anymore. You can download SFSNMP v0.1.12 here:

SpeedFan injector.exe


These are the steps to make SNMP work with SpeedFan:

  1. Download and install SpeedFan.
  2. Activate and configure the SNMP service in Windows (more info).
  3. Install SFSNMP and make sure you run the injector.exe to start SpeedFan.
  4. Don’t forget to check if the firewall is open for SNMP.


SNMP uses OID’s to read the data, to help you choosing the right OID for your sensor I give you an example for the Temperature OID’s:

The OID for the Temperature starts with . where every extra line in the above screen is +1, this is the same with the Fans and Voltages.

The starting OID’s for SpeedFan + SFSNMP are:

Temperature: .
Fans:        .
Voltages:    .



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